Birds of a feather

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the Birds of a Feather program, please feel free to reach out to Joseph Webster (

Egg Level

  • Have an NRHH and an RHA Executive Board member swap to each other’s exec meetings

  • Have your NCC and NRHH Representative attend a SWACURH Chat Together.

  • Have a joint RHA and NRHH Executive Board Meeting or Retreat where you set goals for leadership development.

  • Set up a form of communication between both NRHH and RHA Executive Board members. Examples: a GroupMe, a common advisor

  • E-board members from RHA and NRHH share some office hours each week

  • Review the regional philanthropy guide and assess joint RHA and NRHH involvement in the regional philanthropy

Duck Level

  • Have RHA and NRHH complete a community service project together

  • Have RHA and NRHH complete a recognition project together

  • Plan a combined RHA/NRHH program for residents in the community

  • Have RHA and NRHH present a program of theirs at each other's meetings or members retreat

  • Have a joint OTM-writing initiative or program with RHA and NRHH

  • Have an RHA and NRHH delegate attend an NRHH-themed or an RHA-themed conference program together

  • Have RHA and NRHH put time and/or money towards the regional philanthropy

Flock Level

  • Have an RHA & NRHH Exec Board member swap to each other’s General Body meetings

  • Have a joint RHA and NRHH banquet

  • RHA and NRHH help set up and plan an NRHH induction ceremony

  • Post on SWACURH Social Media (via submission or Snapchat Takeover) about a joint RHA-NRHH event or initiative

  • Host an event or activity to get RHA and NRHH members more familiar with each other

  • Present a joint RHA/NRHH program of any type at a NACURH-related conference

  • Have RHA and NRHH participate in an activity or initiative for the regional philanthropy together

  • Have RHA and NRHH collaborate on writing a bid

Welcome to Birds of a Feather! We are so excited that you want to build your own bridge between RHA and NRHH! These activities are designed to build relationships and rapport between members of your two organizations.

For each level you would like to attain, you need to complete four activities from that level. First is Egg Level, then Duck Level, and finally Flock level. Once you have completed four activities, submit the application below, which can be verified by your advisor. Once verified, your institution will be recognized at the next conference! Best of luck building your bridge! - Elly and Joseph

Submit an application HERE