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SWACURH Governing Documents

SWACURH Policy Book: Includes information on regional purpose, operating procedures, financial procedures, duties of the Regional Board of Directors, conference operating procedures, and award criteria protocols. 

SWACURH Bylaws: Includes policies regarding regional membership, Regional Board of Directors responsibilities and election procedures, NCC and NRHH expectations, and other standard policies that typically do not change on an annual basis. 

NACURH Governing Documents

NACURH Policy Book: Includes information on purpose, governance, elections, task forces, affiliation, conferences, awards policies, finances, resolutions, and new developments.

NACURH Bylaws: Includes policies regarding membership, governence, officer duties, eligibility, powers of the NACURH Board of Directors, meetings, and legislation.

NACURH NRHH Policy Book: Includes policies specific to NRHH including NRHH board members, recognition, membership guidelines, etc.

NACURH NRHH Bylaws: Includes policies regarding chapter affiliation, governing documents, duties of NRHH Representatives, powers of the NACURH NRHH Board of Directors, and legislation.

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