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Why affiliate with SWACURH/NACURH?

There are many perks of being affiliated with NACURH, like:
Getting a discount at regional and national conferences
• Voting and having official representation in the organization
• Connecting with schools via NACURH’s exclusive social network – hey NACURH!
• Perusing the Resource File Index (RFI) for ideas on enhancing residential life on your campus
• Being able to submit and win award bids for the great work you do

• Access to the benefits of all NACURH corporate sponsorships
• Access to all NACURH newsletters

• Gain access to Regional Bidding and event Archives 


There are simple steps to affiliating with SWACURH & NACURH! See the resources page to begin the affiliation process.


You may also contact our Regional Director, at for questions about the process.

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