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Bidding and Hosting Resources

Interested in bidding to host a conference?  Here you will find host site bids, tips on getting approval from your institution, wrap-up reports from previous conferences, conference staff descriptions, bidding criteria and other hosting resources. Please contact the Director for additional details on how to bid.

Past Regional Leadership Conference Host Sites

2023: Virutal with NEACURH

2022: Neutral 

2021: Neutral

2020: Texas State University 

2019:The University of Texas at Austin

2018: Oklahoma State University 

2017: University of Central Arkansas

2016: University of North Texas

2015: Texas A&M University

2014: University of Arkansas

2013: Texas Tech University

2012: Oklahoma State University 

2011: Southern Methodist University 

2010: Texas Christian University

2009: University of North Texas

2008: University of Arkansas

2007: Centenary College of Louisiana 

2006: Texas Tech University 

2005: The University of Tulsa

2004: University of Central Oklahoma

2003: University of Arkansas

2002: Oklahoma State University

2001: The University of Texas at Austin

2000: The University of Tulsa

1999: Sam Houston State University

1998: University of Oklahoma

1997: Oklahoma State University 

1996: University of Arkansas

1995: The University of Tulsa

1994: Texas A&M University

1993: Oklahoma State University

1992: Texas Tech University 

1991: University of North Texas

1990: Stephen F. Austin State University

1989: The University of Tulsa

1988: University of Houston

1987: Southwestern Louisiana

1986: Texas A&M University

1985: Oklahoma State University

1984: Stephen F. Austin State University

1983: East Texas State University 

1982: North Texas State University 

1981: Oklahoma State University 

Past Regional Business Conference Host Sites

2024: Centenary College of Louisiana

2023: University of Texas at Austin

2022: Neutral

2021:Texas Woman's University

2020:University of North Texas

2019: Texas A&M University 

2018: Southern Methodist University   

2017: Texas State University 

2016: University of Oklahoma

2015: University of North Texas

2014: Louisiana State University 

2013: The University of Texas at Austin

2012: Texas State University 

2011: Texas Woman's University

2010: Arkansas Tech University

2009: Texas Christian University

2008: University of Oklahoma 

2007: Texas A&M University

2006: University of Arkansas

2005: The University of Texas at Austin

2004: Sam Houston State University

2003: The University of Tulsa

2002: Centenary College of Louisiana

2001: Stephen F. Austin State University 

2000: University of Houston

1999: The University of Tulsa

1998: Baylor University

1997: West Texas A&M University 

1996: Lamar University

1995: Sam Houston State University

1994: Trinity University 

1993: Baylor University

1992: N/A

1991: Sam Houston State University

1990: University of Arkansas

1989: St. Mary's University 

1988: The University of Tulsa

1987: University of Oklahoma

1986: Sam Houston State University

1985: University of Central Arkansas

1984: Stephen F. Austin State University

1983: East Texas State University

1982: North Texas State University 

1981: Oklahoma State University

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