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What are Of the Months?

Of the Months, or OTMs, are a way to recognize the amazing people or objects going on at your campus. This recognition starts at your campus level and can possibly reach regional and NACURH levels.


Click the button below labeled "SWACURH OTM Guide" to find the OTM Writing Guide for SWACURH! It's full of tips that you would need for writing an OTM of your own!

Check out the Regional OTM Winners!

Click the title above labeled "Campus Admin Info" to find out how to submit you campus winning OTMs.

Click the title above labeled "OTM Submission Form" to submit your OTM. Make sure it is categorized correctly and you're submitting under the right institution. Now go start recognizing!

The SWACURH ducks shine! Click the title above labeled "NACURH OTM Winners" to see our SWACURH OTMs winning at the NACURH level. Congratulations to everyone and ducky love!

If you have any questions, contact:

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